What is PrivateFitnessStudio? a true unique-selling-point USP:

“A unique selling proposition (USP, also seen as unique selling point) is a factor that differentiates a product from its competitors, such as the lowest cost, the highest quality or the first-ever product of its kind. A USP could be thought of as “what you have that competitors don’t. A successful USP promises a clearly articulated benefit to consumers, offers them something that competitive products can’t or don’t offer, and is compelling enough to attract new customers.” 

Since 2011 PrivateFitnessStudio – Personal Training is established in Bertrange while respecting some genuine & unparalleled traits:

  • Private: Trainer + client. No public exposure typical from classic gyms.

  • Individual: A training program that respects your goals, injuries & lifestyle.

  • 30min: Accurate + Time-efficient training sessions, no waste of Time-Money.

  • Safe: All exercises and its multiple variations are injury-prevention oriented.

  • Unique exercises: Huge arsenal of never before seen efficient techniques.

  • Exclusive methodology: Training protocols developed by Thierry Freire.

  • Minimalist Equipment: No high-tech sophisticated gadgets/no machines needed.

  • Qualitative Outdoor space:  Accurate coaching setup both inside & outside.

  • Practical Coaching infrastructure: Gym + Shower + Parking nearby.

  • Smart Nutrition: No Diets. A natural way of eating coherent w/busy lifestyles.

  • Quality over Quantity: 2x/week 30min is proved to be healthier than 1hour.

  • Return on Investment: Getting results, in a safer, minimalist & + accurate manner.

  • Realistic Step by step approach: Guiding you from your current state into results.

  • All in One: Develop every muscular quality in a synergistically science-proved way.

  • Hybrid Fitness-approach: Strength + Cardio + Flexibility + Balance synergistically.

  • Objectivity:  Focus on unique techniques impossible to perform outside, period.

  • Functional: Techniques positively impacting your daily tasks for + quality of life.

  • Evolutionary: Because nowadays people don’t have time/money to waste.

  • Only for Smart people who want long-term – achievable – visible results.

  • Empowerment  coach people so they can perform better outside of the gym sphere.

  • Authenticity: Everything you do in PrivateFitnessStudio is unique and purposefully adapted not only to nowadays busy lifestyles but above all to the future, long-term driven, try it and change your body + potentially your life forever.

PrivateFitnessStudio is since 2011 a different kind of gym, largely distinguishing itself from concurrency and basing its success on the long-term satisfaction &  thus success of clientele first: well-being + results = successful client for a increasingly successful & unparalleled business model in the Premium fitness market: the Personal Training market.