Proud to announce that PrivateFITNESSstudio is since November 2017 the first gym in Luxembourg having EXXENTRIC Flywheel Technology from Sweden.


Like many other unique tools & techniques that PrivateFITNESSstudio was the 1° to introduce and implement in Luxembourg, EXXENTRIC Flywheel Technology is without  doubt the most innovative ever for both Sports Performance & Injury Prevention.

  New Years Fitness Resolutions ?!

                                                      DO IT NOW !!!

+ Fitness ?

+ WinterSports Conditioning ?

+ Strength & Muscle Mass ?

+ Performance for your 1/2 Marathon ?

+ Bone Density and Fall prevention ?

+ Sustainable Fat Loss ?

+ Improved Posture @ Office ?

+ Flexible yet more resistant Muscles & Joints ?

+ Firm Abdominal wall & less back pain ?

offer yourself or someone important an original gift. for the 1°time in Luxembourg experience the most innovative fitness training: EXXENTRIC Flywheel Technology- approved by NASA for its efficiency up to +30% faster but safer results. EXXENTRIC allows  faster strength gains while not only respecting your joint health but enhancing tendons & ligaments health due to its unique specific muscular contraction stimulus !

book your Gift/Chèque-Cadeau EXXENTRIC sessions by contacting me via privatefitnessstudio@gmail.com or call/sms +352 661 69 25 07

* VAT included

* Exclusive brand new product in Luxembourg !!!


! Attention: all PRIVATEFITNESSSTUDIO sessions are 30min sessions ! 

+ all PRIVATEFITNESSSTUDIO sessions are 100% Personal Training !