Time-Money Efficiency + Return on Investment


In a society of over-consomption + over-information where things have to go too fast, where consumers have so many choices regarding service providers that actually all provide the same: PrivateFITNESSstudio – Bertrange has since 2011 proudly distinguished from concurrency with only and solely 30min of targeted Personal Training for a reasonable price: It has been 6 years now that clients have experienced science-proven results, kept it Long-Term and this business model not only is growing but also allowing to apply to a brand new Fitness Solution in the market of Fitness: PRIVATEFITNESSSTUDIO ONLINE COACHING where you count on the experience of a coach whose career has been built around busy yet ambitious people who don’t have time neither certainly money to waste on unprofessional -unprepared trainers who play in sub-optimal infrastructures that are far from delivering an individualised atmosphere that should characterise the ESSENCE OF PERSONAL TRAINING.