Proud to announce that PrivateFITNESSstudio is since November 2017 the first gym in Luxembourg having EXXENTRIC Flywheel Technology from Sweden.


Like many other unique tools & techniques that PrivateFITNESSstudio was the 1° to introduce and implement in Luxembourg, EXXENTRIC Flywheel Technology is without  doubt the most innovative ever for both Sports Performance & Injury Prevention.

  New Years Fitness Resolutions ?!

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+ Fitness ?

+ WinterSports Conditioning ?

+ Strength & Muscle Mass ?

+ Performance for your 1/2 Marathon ?

+ Bone Density and Fall prevention ?

+ Sustainable Fat Loss ?

+ Improved Posture @ Office ?

+ Flexible yet more resistant Muscles & Joints ?

+ Firm Abdominal wall & less back pain ?

offer yourself or someone important an original gift. for the 1°time in Luxembourg experience the most innovative fitness training: EXXENTRIC Flywheel Technology- approved by NASA for its efficiency up to +30% faster but safer results. EXXENTRIC allows  faster strength gains while not only respecting your joint health but enhancing tendons & ligaments health due to its unique specific muscular contraction stimulus !

book your Gift/Chèque-Cadeau EXXENTRIC sessions by contacting me via privatefitnessstudio@gmail.com or call/sms +352 661 69 25 07

* VAT included

* Exclusive brand new product in Luxembourg !!!


! Attention: all PRIVATEFITNESSSTUDIO sessions are 30min sessions ! 

+ all PRIVATEFITNESSSTUDIO sessions are 100% Personal Training !

Athletic Results

trainer pullupPrivateFitnessStudio gives your muscles the right stimulus for growth and athleticism. Whether your goal is more definition or simply more muscle size, both are naturally possible employing old-fashioned strength training techniques done under a modern methodology that totally integrates into busy lifestyles where people don’t have a lot of time but still need & dream about results. All training sessions last 30min maximum.


correct stretching.jpg

Stretching incorrectly = not stretching at all. Depending on your body type, sport or work, not everyone should stretch the same way or duration. Here’s my client who has a desk job performing the N° Stretch for Tennis players: We actively stretch Ilio-Psoas + back musculature Latissimus Dorsi + Serratus (rib region) to create + Fluid movements for Pain-Free Tennis or Golf practice.

Time-Money Efficiency + Return on Investment


In a society of over-consomption + over-information where things have to go too fast, where consumers have so many choices regarding service providers that actually all provide the same: PrivateFITNESSstudio – Bertrange has since 2011 proudly distinguished from concurrency with only and solely 30min of targeted Personal Training for a reasonable price: It has been 6 years now that clients have experienced science-proven results, kept it Long-Term and this business model not only is growing but also allowing to apply to a brand new Fitness Solution in the market of Fitness: PRIVATEFITNESSSTUDIO ONLINE COACHING where you count on the experience of a coach whose career has been built around busy yet ambitious people who don’t have time neither certainly money to waste on unprofessional -unprepared trainers who play in sub-optimal infrastructures that are far from delivering an individualised atmosphere that should characterise the ESSENCE OF PERSONAL TRAINING.


Personal Training has many factors that guarantee you success, but the 1° and foremost is the COMMITMENT aspect: show-up to your meeting with your trainer and make it happen NOW instead of later: MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW, NOT LATER, week after week, step-by-step for solid & healthier Long-Term Fitness success.


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In PRIVATEFITNESSSTUDIO you don’t pay to sweat, to sit in a bicycle, run, or to perform any repetitive form of classic cardio and then call it personal training… You pay to access to STRENGTH exercises that make sense used by high-level coaches to improve conditioning worldwide: the most innovative, time-efficient, posture-enhancing STRENGTH TRAINING METHODOLOGY you could try. Once your technique improves, your ability to go from 1 exercise to the another with targeted rest (minimal rest) allows your heart rate frequency to be higher & see major qualitative improvements in your cardio-vascular system in a natural & adapted way to your physical level.

Muscle Building 40+

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PrivateFitnessStudio understands the physiological, hormonal, and modern lifestyle barriers men or women encounter in order to achieve maximum muscular results after 40 years old: therefore Personal Training @ PrivateFitnessStudio is totally different than what you have ever experienced in Fitness before: Targeted Nutrition is the priority basis, followed by the obvious Injury-preventive strength training approach, done under a specific amount of time & with the right targeted frequency. Overall Lifestyle advice is the final touch  in order to help you optimise hormones in a natural & durable manner and finally get the results expected in a lifetime. Breaking myths from Nutrition to Training to Frequency of Training is how PRIVATEFITNESSSTUDIO produces results in a durable & Injury-Free manner after 40.

Bodyweight Results

trainer pullupPrivateFitnessStudio don’t need hi-tech machines or any sophisticated gadgets to give your muscles the right stimulus for growth and athleticism. Whether your goal is more definition or simply more muscle size, both are naturally possible employing old-fashioned strength training techniques done under a modern methodology that totally integrates into busy lifestyles where people don’t have a lot of time but still need & dream about results. All training sessions last 30min maximum.

Unparalleled Nutrition

Nutrition quadro.jpgFitness results depend 80% on Nutrition. PrivateFitnessStudio teaches a coherent, easy to implement & healthy way of eating  that boost your hormones, nourishes your body and do not frustrate your mind. Biological rhythms are respected as well as your own individual needs & food preferences: a key for long-term nutrition success = Results.

+ Muscle where it matters the most

Remi posture.jpg

Muscle mass isn’t necessarily a main body-building concern: POSTURE is greatly enhanced by adding muscle mass where it matters the most. My client who’s engineer knows very well how important our 4 personal training years have been to both get an athletic body + save him from modern back pain. It’s possible to have muscle and use it to have + quality of life

Senior Training: younger than ever

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Marguy turned 70, we train together since 2008 almost ten years ago she weighted +10kg and carried +10cm belly fat. Today she’s surely the most active & fittest person of the family and a true example of how fitness can add life to your years: Marguy ech sin Stolz op déch !!! 

Yves turned 70 too and its also been training with me since 2010 and he argues been fitter now than when he was 40…He’s muscularly fitter than most young men around for sure. Marie-Louise is 67 which i also train since 2010 and has also a much stronger body than ever. FITNESS = + QUALITY OF LIFE

Strong = Firm + Young

women's fitnessWomen tend to prefer useless long cardio sessions. The answer for less body fat + a firm & slimmer abdominal wall is STRENGTH done in the most accurate manner according to your physique individual goals, food preferences, time & lifestyle: PRIVATEFITNESSSTUDIO deals with each of these aspect to produce DURABLE RESULTS. Milly has been working with me for 4 years and her body proves stable + durable results: No up & downs

Rethink Abdominal Training

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Abdominals are the most wanted muscle in the body, yet the least qualitatively trained area by fitness professionals around. In PRIVATEFITNESSSTUDIO you experiment the safest yet most effective abdominal exercises you could ever try to improve the way you look & feel once for all. Thierry FREIRE is an expert who learnt directly from EXOS-Atheletes Performance + canadian Spine Researcher & Waterloo Ontario University Professor Dr. Stuart McGILL who’s considered the N°1 worldwide spine expert, a prominent researcher on intelligent abdominal training to save us from back pain having trained MMA champion Georges St.Pierre, Elite Sprinter Andre DeGrasse etc.

Functional Training?

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FUNCTIONAL TRAINING = a training modality having a positive impact in your daily tasks, in order to improve your quality of life. Exercises we select get your life easier: carrying a Maxicosi with your baby inside, carrying shopping bags, transporting heavy objects or simply carrying anything  asymmetrically day to day causes back pain, the only way to prevent it is using proper Functional Training that adapts to your  own individual needs, respecting your past injury profile.


Targeted Outdoor Coaching

outOutdoor Training has been a staple in PrivateFitnessStudio personal training approach since 2011: breath fresh air while continuing to experience the same quality of coaching & material setup we dispose indoor. Consistency & methodology is key: No random entertainment-fitness you usually see with concurrency.